Reference Projects from the Beginning to Date
2015- Chemical industry Mobile oily wastewater sludge dewatering works
2016- Oil industry Mobile oily wastewater sludge dewatering works
2016-2017 Dewatering of hazardous waste sludge produced during mine reclamation
2011-) Ongoing 100 m³/day wastewater sludge dewatering.
(2000-) Ongoing 300 m³ paint sludge dewatering
(1996-) Ongoing 500 m³/occasion pharmaceutical sludge dewatering.
(1996-) Ongoing Hydrogen fluoride sludge dewatering.
-2005 MOL Zala Refinery Zalaegerszeg Cleaning of storm water storage basin oil catcher engineering structures and their environment, oil sludge treatment.
-2005 GE Zalaegerszeg Százhalombatta Hydrogen fluoride caustic sludge treatment, dewatering, disposal.
-2004 GE Zalaegerszeg Zalaegerszeg Cca 1,500 m³ industrial wastewater process sludge dewatering.
(2003-2004) MOL Zala Refinery Zalaegerszeg Mass soil remediation with the associated engineering design and monitoring tasks in the framework of the sewer network demolition and rebuild.
-2003 MOL Rt. Százhalombatta Performance of environmental surveys under a general contract. Works covered: soil and groundwater contamination surveys, professional supervision at elimination, supervising and preparation of associated expert opinions and design documentation, associated licensing procedures.
-2003 Ministry of Environment Budapest Works related to the remediation of the cave houses in the Budafok (22nd) district of Budapest, 1st phase mitigation works specified in the emergency action plan, installation of engineering structures required for the contaminated escapage treatment.
-2002 Dunapack Rt. Budapest Remediation works on hydrocarbon contaminated soil discovered during the demolition works at a previous fuel station.
-2002 ACIS Benzinkúttechnika Kft. Budapest Remediation plan development for the soil and groundwater contamination at a Volánbusz Rt. site, licensing procedure.
-2002 DWA Hideghengermű Kft. Dunaújváros Detailed investigation of the soil and groundwater contamination, development of a technical intervention plan.
(2001-2002) Infopark Budapest Stabilisation and disposal of over 10,000 m³ heavy metal contaminated soil removed from the construction site.
(2001-2002) MOL Rt. (Dunarent Kft.) Százhalombatta Purification and dewatering of oil sludge storage basin (40,000 m³), management of acid resin waste accumulated during the years.
(2000-2001) ÁPV Rt. Kiskőrös Onsite extraction and repacking of a cca. 10,000 t hot-dip galvanisation covering flux contaminated soil and other hazardous waste, heavy metal contaminated groundwater treatment.
-1999 Borsodchem Zrt. Kazincbarcika Dewatering cca. 2,000 m³ biological sludge in the site of Borsodchem Zrt., including dredging.
(1998-2001) ÁPV Rt. Kiskunlacháza Remediation of the former Soviet airfield, preparation of a water damage recovery plan. Biodegradation and washing of the kerosene and diesel oil contaminated soil, contaminated groundwater remediation, operation of the monitoring system.
(1997-2000) Terszol Szövetkezet Debrecen Preparation of a Preliminary Environmental Impact Study (PEIS) and a Detailed Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) required for the remediation of 25,000 tons of hazardous sludge (oil, galvanic, municipal) during the damage recovery works related to the construction of the hazardous waste dump in Szikgát. Waste pretreatment technology implementation (prior to installation in the onsite landfill), dewatering and chemical stabilisation of part of the waste, contaminated escapage and filtrate water treatment and disposal in the flooded areas.
-1999 Csepel Fémmű Rt. Mór Elimination of hazardous waste in the temporary storages, slick pretreatment.
-1998 Natura Rt. Kecskemét Mechanical-chemical pretreatment and disposal of 800 tons of cyanogen compounds and baric tempering salts.
-1997 As subcontractor to GEOHIDROTERV Rt. Pereszteg Development of the biodegradation disposal process for 4,000 tons of salted camel hides, waste washing and treatment of the wastewater generated.
(1996-1997) FÉMSZELEKT Kisszövetkezet Szeged-Algyő Disposal of 600 tons of concentrated galvanic liquid waste.
(1996-1997) Bakony Metál Kft. area Inota Treatment and disposal of 285 tons of galvanic sludge stored in the paxite warehouse.
-1996 ELFÉM Kft. Kállósemjén Onsite treatment and disposal of 500 m³ concentrated plating solution.
-1996 December 4. Drótművek Rt. Miskolc Pretreatment and delivery for disposal of 8,000 m³ mixed sludge from the hazardous waste storage.
-1996 DKV Zalai Kőolajfinomító Rt. Eger Elimination of clay pits storing 2,000 m³/year heavy oil sludge and tank sludge.
(1994-1995) DKV Zalai Kőolajfinomító Rt. Zalaegerszeg Dewatering of oil sludge from tank cleaning.
-1995 SAB Kőbányai Sörgyár Rt. Budapest Survey of the 2000 m³ mazout storage, supply and heating system and the related environmental damages, performance of damage recovery, demolition and restoration planning works.
-1994 Csepeli Áfor Rt. Budapest Performance of experiments to produce KALOREX using the acid resin in the site.
(1994 előtt) Hungarian Army Kecskemét Design, licensing, implementation, commissioning and supervision of the process equipment used for the hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater remediation at the Kecskemét airfield.
(1994 előtt) SHELL Hungária Kft. Székesfehérvár Elimination of extensive soil and groundwater contamination around fuel stations.
(1994 előtt) Csepel Car Factory Budapest Removal and pretreatment of 3,000 m³ oily sludge.
(1994 előtt) Ministry of Environment Budafok, Üröm, Csókavár Treatment of escapage from the gas scrubber purifying mass at the Budafok, Üröm and Csókavár limestone quarries.