Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology Operations

Outsourced Services

We are the first to have provided outsourced services in the Hungarian environmental sector.

Partial or Full Operation of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Although the staff for full operation services are employed by Körte Zrt., their workplaces are at clients’ sites. Operation services are usually based on long-term, 3-5 year contracts.


Services of this kind are similar to outsourcing. In this case, clients engage experts to attend special tasks and consequently save on the development, continuous training, maintenance and operation of internal HR networks. This also ensures easy cost planning. We assume responsibility for operational safety, ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations and the parameters set by clients.


We predominantly operate the industrial wastewater treatment plants we designed and constructed, but we are also ready to operate systems installed by other companies. In addition to professional operating staff, we provide the following:

  • range of wastewater treatment agents required for operation;
  • complete repair and maintenance services;
  • comprehensive waste management services;
  • preparation of the required administrative background works (e.g. waste declarations)


Our experts and mobile units (reactors with chemical dosing, mobile phase separation, mobile sludge dewatering) have a short response time to attend breakdowns or emergencies.