The taylor-made Korte ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technologies reuse, recycle the industrial wastewater and minimalize the disposed waste amount as much as possible – resulting in significant savings and environmental impact reduction. All our solutions are designed and validated trough laboratory- and pilot scale experiments in every single case.

Case Study

KÖRTE ZRT. developed an innovative, one of a kind wastewater treatment technology for a chemical plant engaged in surface treatment. We also installed a conventional process line to convince our partner, nevertheless, the success of the innovative solution was so impressive that the conventional line remained offline.
The investment has been returned severalfold for our partner due to the savings from the new method.

The conventional Method

Chemical treatment during conventional processing produces cca. 1,000 tons/year dewatered, sludge classified as hazardous waste, whereas the total volume of treated water is discharged to the drain after the mechanical-chemical process.

The KÖRTE ZLD Method

By applying carefully selected chemicals, KÖRTE separates only the contaminants absolutely necessary to be removed. This results in a fraction of sludge (100 tons/year) compared to the output of conventional methods.

Further treatment of the aqueous phase, such as concentration and the crystallisation of recyclable materials produce starting material for artificial fertiliser and high-purity salt-free water that can be recirculated into the production process.

The waste disposal costs of our partners dropped substantially, while saving on the production cost of high-purity salt-free process water (not to mention the significant sewerage charges payable for the pretreated wastewater discharged under the conventional method, which can also be saved with the KÖRTE method).
Our innovative solution effects over HUF 100 million saving a year for our partner.